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Rising Up in Egypt

February 3, 2011

Speaking at a brown bag luncheon at Miami University

On Monday, Jan. 30, the International Studies program hosted a brown bag lunch talk at which I was asked to offer some context to the events in Egypt since Jan. 25. Since then, as weather permits, I’ve been speaking to classes, news media and others about Egypt and how and why the uprising occurred.

Key questions have included “What are Egyptians protesting about?“, “Why is this happening now?“, “What will happen next?“, “Did you know this was going to happen?“, “Did this happen because of social media?”, “What will this mean for the U.S.?”

So I took advantage of yesterday’s snow day to post answers to some of these questions. Since my answers are drawn from my anthropological background, and my experience in Egypt, I’ve added a section to my “Connected in Cairo” web site. I’ll continue to post as often as time permits as we watch the events in Egypt unfold, and pray for the best outcome for the Egyptian people.

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