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Celebrate Like an Egyptian

February 12, 2011

The following are some songs that Egyptians are singing and sharing through social media as they celebrate the climax of the uprising. Play them in solidarity!

From many, many people this wonderful song about the uprising with Sout Alhoureya Hany Adel, Amir Eid Hawary on guitars and Sherif Mostafa on keyboards.
The video is by Moustafa Fahmy, Mohamed Khalifa and Mohamed Shaker. The lyrics (from Laurie King via Robin Dougherty) are: “I went down and I said I am not coming back, and I wrote on every street wall that I am not coming back. All barriers have been broken down, our weapon was our dream, and the future is crystal clear to us, we have been waiting for a long time, we are still searching for our place, we keep searching for a place we belong.”

From Nura the song Amaloha El Regala by Hamada Hela. Originally created to celebrate Egypt’s victory in the 2006 Africa Cup.

From Shearin and Marwa, this video honoring the martyrs of the uprising

From Shearin this song from an old movie Masr Helwa Baladi el Samra (“Egypt is the most beautiful country in the world”)

And, of course, there’s zaghruta, the classic Arabic women’s ululation in celebration

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