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The Revolution Is Being Digitalized

March 8, 2011

All revolutions create art, and archives of historical documents. Traditionally, you have to wait at least a few years–if not decades–to see the first collections in galleries. But this revolution is completely digitalized, and so is it’s documentation, and so is its art.

A web site called “I Am #Jan 25” is hosting an on-line archive of videos and photographs. There are nearly 3,000 videos already archived across 85 pages, and over 4,000 photographs across 130 pages (and growing). Each photo and video lists the url from which it came.

Meanwhile, a web site called “I Am Tahrir” is now documenting and collecting art produced during, inspired by or dedicated to the January 25 Revolution from around the world. At the “I Am Tahrir” web site, there’s a call for art work:

Please send your submissions, be it music, chants, slogans, humor, photography, poetry, comics, to All art forms are welcome, and authors/creators will be fully credited for their work.

As yet, there’s no art work posted. But a lot of art can be seen on their Facebook page, “I Am Tahrir The Art of Revolution.”

Also linked to the I AM #Jan 25″ site is Egypt Remembers, which carries photographs and brief biographies of many of those killed in Tahrir Square during the protests.

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