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Another Effort to Dislodge Tahrir Protesters

March 9, 2011

After disrupting the march in support of International Women’s Day yesterday, Mar. 9, armed thugs returned to attack Tahrir Square around 9pm, and then again after midnight. News reports say molotov cocktails were thrown in the direction of the protesters.

Several small groups of attackers appeared again today, Mar. 10, around 10 am. A larger mob arrived in the evening and attacked the several hundred protesters in Tahrir Square, apparently in an attempt to eject them. The thugs threw stones at the peaceful protesters, and some attacked with knives. At least 12 were injured, and two are said to be in critical condition

Most of the protesters assume the thugs are sent by groups within the government who want to end the protests completely. The protesters are maintaining their presence as a reminder that several key demands of the Jan. 25 uprising–particularly the lifting of the Emergency Law, release of detained protesters, and the dissolution of the State Security agency. The protesters gather daily in the square. Some are camped out. The numbers rarely exceed two thousand, and they do not disrupt traffic.


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