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Sandmonkey: Seven Myths About the Revolution

April 12, 2011

Warning! Don't pontificate about the revolution in Egypt until you've read this blog...

The popular English language blog “Rantings of a Sandmonkey” has another rant well worth reading: Seven Popular Myths About the Revolution.

Inspired by his frustration with by all the “’experts’–foreign and domestic–pontificating really superficial analysis about something they can neither understand nor grasp”, Sandmonkey has offered the following seven propositions as myths.

  1. The Army is co-opting the revolution and trying to establish another military dictatorship
  2. The NDP (and Mubarak) is still controlling the country
  3. The Islamists are hijacking the revolution
  4. New Parties are the only way to save the next elections
  5. Amr Moussa or El-Baradei is certain to be the next president
  6. International forces will destroy the revolution
  7. There is doom and gloom everywhere in Egypt!

So if you hear pundits spouting one of these propositions as a balanced analysis, make sure you read Sandmonkey’s rebuttal before accepting their expertise.

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