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Out of Stock – Printing More Copies

August 22, 2011

I haven’t posted anything for twelve days, not because there isn’t a lot to write about in Egypt these days but because I’ve been traveling with only minimal Internet availability.

On Wednesday I briefly accessed my e-mail, and received the exciting news that Connected in Cairo is out of stock, and more copies are being printed.

A lot of colleagues are using this text in their classes this year. In a sense, this is a gift from the Egyptian people: their overthrow of President Mubarak made my book extremely timely.

The real test will be next year, when we find out if professors liked it well enough to use a second time. “People who bought this book” on Amazon “also bought” Laura Deeb’s An Enchanted Modern: Gender and Public Piety in Shi’i Lebanon (Princeton, 2006), Christa Salamandra’s A New Old Damascus: Authenticity and Distinction in Urban Syria (Indiana University Press, 2004) and Donna Lee Bowen and Evelyn Early’s edited volume Everyday Life in the Modern Middle East (Indiana University Press, 2002).

If people are still using my book for classes 5, 7 or 9 years from now, as they are these authors, that will feel really good.

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