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August 26, 2011

Connected In Cairo – Errata

In preparation for the new AUC Press edition and the reprinting of the IUP edition, I have (with help from both presses) compiled a list or typos and other errors that slipped into the text.

Pg. ix, 1st par.      Irhab wal-Kabab should be al-Irhab wal-Kabab
Pg. ix, 1st par.      The date of Egyptian Revolution is given as 1958. It should be 1952.

Pg. ix, 4th par.      The date of the Bread Riots is given as 1981. It should be 1977. (It is given correctly in Chapter Six)

Pg. 30, 1st par.      Akbar al Yom  should be Akhbar al Yom [and in index, p. 253]

Pg. 30, 1st par.      Der Zeitung should be Die Zeit [and in index, p. 255]

Pg. 68, 1st par.    mudaris tagribiya  should be madaris tagribiya

Pg. 100, 2nd par.   Hamam fil Amsterdam should be Hamam fi Amsterdam [and in index, p. 257]

Pg. 105, 3rd par.   Al walad da akhla’a  should be Al walad da akhla’ [and in index, p. 253]

Pg.107, 3rd par.    wilad al-baladi should be wilad al-balad [and in index, p. 263]

Pg. 147, 1st par.    khalawati  should be khawalati [and in index, p. 258]

Pg. 157, 3rd par.   The date of the founding of Café Riche is given as 1914, which is taken from the source I cite (Bieber-Roberts, Peggy and Elisa Pierandrei 2002). However, several other sources give the date as 1908, and this is the date the current owners of Café Riche themselves claim. In fact, it’s etched on the glass of their front door.

Pg. 161, 3rd par.   LePoire  should be La Poire [and in index, p. 261]

and last, but certainly not least,

Pg. 176, 4th par.   The dates of the Mubarak regime should be updated from “1981-present” to “1981-2011”!

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