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New Yorker Features Slide Show of Egyptians

August 27, 2011

"Pictures from a Revolution" in the August New Yorker magaazine features elegant photos and videos of activists.

The Tahrir Uprising produced art, music, and wit; and it was one of the most photographed (and photogenic) political revolutions in history.

One of the most elegant and aesthetically beautiful accounts of the revolution was not shot during the uprisings themselves, but a few months after Hosni Mubarak resigned and published in The New Yorker magazine. It’s entitled “Pictures from a Revolution.”

The photographs are by Platon and, while posed, they are lovingly lit and arranged to speak more than a thousand words about the characters of the activists they portray.

But for those of us who are more verbal than visual, the words are there too, in the form of short videos by Francisco Fagan of Human Rights Watch.  Like the photos, these are carefully edited with an eye to aesthetics. Each is less than two minutes in length, elegantly photographed, featuring pithy quotations and merging the interviews with historical footage

Here’s what you will see:

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