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Who’s Who in Egyptian Political Parties (A Very Partial List)

November 15, 2011

From former NDP members to people made famous by the uprisings, there are thousands running in the elections. Here we list a few.

To accompany the post on political parties, this is an alphabetical listing of some of the current leaders of political parties in Egypt, compiled by my student Mikael Ashley and I. It is part of a larger “Who’s Who” we hope to publish at the end of the semester.

Abdel Aziz,  Hisham Mustafa. Religious writer Hiham Mustafa Abdel Aziz is the leader of the Reform and Rennaissance Party.

Abdel Ghaffour, Emad Eddin. Emad Eddin Abdel Ghaffour is the leader of the Salafist An-Nour party.

Abdel Nour, Monir Fakhri. Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour is a leader of the New Wafd Party opposition group and an Egyptian delegate to the Pan-African Parliament.

Abu Ismail, Hazem. Hazem Salah Abu Ismail an Egyptian Muslim representing the pragmatic Islamo-liberal movement in Egypt, is currently a candidate for the Egyptian presidency. Ismail obtained his law degree from Cairo University in 1982. He is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood but, is affiliated.

Afify, Adel Abd al-Maqsud. Founder and president of the Salafist Al-Asala Party, Adel Abd al-Maqsud Affify has been a government official since the late 1960s, primarily in the Immigration and Citizenship Department, of which he was director for 5 years.

al-‘Al, Ashraf Abd. Ashraf Abd al-‘Al is the vice president of Al-Harakah al-Insaniyyah Li al-Islah wa al-Taghier (Human Movement for Reform and Change Party), a newly established political party by an al-Jama‘ah al-Islamiyyah offshoot group.

al-A’sar, Abdel Moneim. Dr. Abdel Moneim al-A’sar is the president of the Green party (Hizb Al-Khodr) and serves in the Shura Council.

al-Gamal, Yehina. Yehina al-Gamal is a former Mubarak cabinet minister and co-founder of the Democratic Front Party (Hizb al-Gabha ad-Democrati)

Al-Katatni, Saad.  A former university professor ,Saad al-Katatni was chosen Feb. 10 as Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed new political party, the Freedom and Justice Party. He previously headed the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc from 2005 until 2010.

Alphraouni, Mahmoud. Alphraouni Mahmoud is the founder of the secular nationalist Mother Egypt Party (Hizb Masr al-Omm), renamed the Liberal Egyptian Party (Al-Hizb al-Masri al-Liberali) after the success of the uprisings.

Az-Zumr, Tariq. Tariq az-Zumr spent thirty years in prison for helping plan the assassination of foremer President Anwar Sadat. He was released from prison following the revolution. He is a founder of the Building and Development Party (al-Banna’ wa al-Tanmiyya), the official party of the Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya.

Badrwi, Hossam. Hossam Badrwi, former NDP secretary-general, created the Renaissance Egypt party (Misr Al-Nahda).

Deibis, Nabil. Businessman, Nabil Deibis, founded the Modern Egypt Party.

ElBaradei, Mohamed. The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 1997 until 2009. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 as a law scholar and diplomat. Born in Cairo, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Cairo and holds a Doctorate in International Law from New York University’s law school. ElBaradei emerged as a leading political voice during the uprisings and actively participated in the protests. In March of 2011 ElBaradei stated interest in the presidency. He is the president of the National Association for Change.

ElHetta, Mahmoud. Elhetta leads a campaign of 1,500 supporters of ElBaradei for president.

Hamzawy, Amr. A political scientist who served as a senior associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he has taught at Cairo University and the Free University of Berlin. Dr. Amr Hamzawy was the spokesman for the youth movement during the uprisings and is now a political columnist for Al-Shourouk newspaper.

Hassan, Mamduh Ali. Mamduh Ali Hassan, former NDP parliamentary spokesman, is the head of the Freedom Party (Hurriya).

Harb, Osama al-Ghazali. Dr. Usama Al-Ghazali is editor-in-chief of the monthly news magazine Al Siyasa Al Dawliya. He is a former NDP official and co-founder of the Democratic Front Party (Hizb al-Gabha ad-Democrati).

Ibrahim, Abdel Moez. Chairman of the Higher Election Commission.

Ma’adi, Aboul-Ela. In February 2011 Aboul-Elaa Ma’adi finally won approval from the Egyptian State Council for the recognition of the New Center Party (حزب الوسط الجديد‎). It is commonly known as Al-Wasat Party and is the first politically recognized Islamist party in Egypt. He has been fighting for approval since 1998 when he first had the idea for a political entity that promotes a civil approach and represents moderate Islam. Read a 1999 interview with him in Al-Ahram

Morsy, Mohamed.  A member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Council, Mohamed Morsy is  president of the Justice and Freedom Party. You can read a May 18 interview with him here.

Moussa, Amr. Amr Moussa is a political leader in Egypt. He was formerly Secretary-General of the Arab League. He has also been ambassador to the United Nations and India. He was Egyptian Foreign Minister 1991-2001. A month after the revolution began Moussa was considered a front-runner for the 2011 presidential elections. He continues to have a significant following.

Nour, Ayman. Formed a new political party, El Ghad (“Tomorrow”), in 2004 to oppose the Mubarak regime. He was also the first politician to run for president against Mubarak in the 2005 open elections until he was imprisoned on “unrelated” charges. He stated an interest in the Egyptian presidency after the January 25 uprisings and is also a member of the National Association for Change.

Ragab, Mohamed. The former secretary-general of the the banned National Democratic Party, now head of the Egyptian Citizen Party.

Sadat, Talaat. Talaat Sadat is a politician and lawyer who was imprisoned in 2006 for defaming the Egyptian military. He was nonetheless selected to be the chairman of the National Democratic Party (Hizb al-Watani al-Democrati) after the resignation of Mubarak. On April 16, 2011 the NDP was dissolved by the courts. He is the nephew of former president Anwar Sadat.

Salim, Helmy Ahmad. Helmy Ahmad Salim is chair of the Liberal Party (Hizb al-Ahrar).

Sawiris, Naguib Onsi. A founder of the Free Egyptians Party, Naguib Sawiris is the owner of the telecommunications company Orascom, which has become one of the leading telecom companies in the world. Forbes Magazine declared him one of the 400 richest men in the world. Sawiris is a Coptic Christian.

Subh, Ahmad. The president of Al-Harakah al-Insaniyyah Li al-Islah wa al-Taghier (Human Movement for Reform and Change Party), a newly established political party by an al-Jama‘ah al-Islamiyyah offshoot group.

Tork, Ibrahim Mohamed. Ibrahim Mohamed Tork is the chair of the Democratic Unionist Party (Hizb al-Itahadi ad-Democrati).

Zahran, Ibrahim. Dr. Ibrahim Zahran is the founder and president of the Sufist Egyptian Liberation Party (Al-Tahrir al-Masry).

Zenawi, Mamdouh. Zenawi is a member of the National Association for Change and the chair of the Constitutional party (Hizb al-Disturi).

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