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Special Journal Issue on the Arab Revolutions

November 21, 2011

The interdisciplinary journal Globalizations, published by the Global Studies Association of North America, has just released a special issue featuring a “Special Forum on the Arab Revolutions.”

The issue, edited by Anna Agathangelou (York-Toronto) and Nevzat Soguk (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa) includes seventeen articles on the uprisings across the Arab world.

This special issue contains the following articles:

Introduction: Rocking the Kasbah: Insurrectional Politics, the “Arab Streets”, and Global Revolution in the 21st Century
Anna M. Agathangelou & Nevzat Soguk
Pages: 551-558

An African Reflection on Tahrir Square
Mahmood Mamdani
Pages: 559-566

Looking Beyond Spring for the Season: An African Perspective on the World Order after the Arab Revolt
Siba N. Grovogui
Pages: 567-572

The Global Street: Making the Political
Saskia Sassen
Pages: 573-579

Making Anew an Arab Regional Order? On Poetry, Sex, and Revolution
Anna M. Agathangelou
Pages: 581-594

Uprisings in ‘Arab Streets’, Revolutions in ‘Arab Minds’! A Provocation
Nevzat Soguk
Pages: 595-599

Stratagems and Spoils in US Policy in the Middle East
Wazir Jahan Karim
Pages: 601-607

Unrest and Change: Dispatches from the Frontline of a Class War in Egypt
Henry Veltmeyer
Pages: 609-616

Tehran’s Delayed Spring?
Farideh Farhi
Pages: 617-621

Model, Event, Context: Globalization, Arab Social Movements, and the Modeling of Global Order
Halit Mustafa Tagma
Pages: 623-628

The Winter of the Arab Spring in the Gulf Monarchies
Mary Ann Tétreault
Pages: 629-637

Radical Changes in the Muslim World: Turkey, Iran, Egypt
Fred Dallmayr
Pages: 639-646

Authoritarian Learning and Authoritarian Resilience: Regime Responses to the ‘Arab Awakening’
Steven Heydemann & Reinoud Leenders
Pages: 647-653

Globalizations Forum on Middle East Protests: Commentary
Jackie Smith
Pages: 655-659

Libya’s ‘Black’ Market Diplomacies: Opacity and Entanglement in the Face of Hope and Horror
Sam Okoth Opondo

Revolutionary Humor
Iman Mersal
Pages: 669-674

Role of the New Media in the Arab Spring
Habibul Haque Khondker
Pages: 675-679

Talk About a Revolution: Social Media and the MENA Uprisings
Barrie Axford
Pages: 681-686

I’ll follow up with brief summaries of some of these articles as I read them.

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