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2012 Field Research Methods Workshop in Egypt

January 19, 2012

Students taking ethnographic field notes in the Muhammed Ali mosque in Cairo, 2010.

Students taking field notes on tourism in historical/religious sites in the Muhammed Ali mosque in Cairo, 2010.

I am beginning to meet with students and accept applications for our summer ethnographic field methods workshop in Egypt.

In ATH 426 “Changing Egypt: From the Pharaohs to the Revolution” students travel with my wife and son and I from Cairo to Luxur to Alexandria to Siwa oasis in the Western desert to the Red Sea. Along the way, students interact with Egyptians of many different backgrounds, keep detailed ethnographic field journals, and use their field notes to create multimedia projects that will be posted to a public web site.

An important focus this summer will be different stories people tell about the ongoing Egyptian revolution.

The six-credit class will travel to Egypt Saturday June 2 to Sunday June 24, 2012, and it will meet for one week prior on Miami’s campus in Oxford, OH.

You can learn more about the trip, and download a copy of a flyer, the syllabus and the itinerary at the course web site.

You can see some things students learned in the class last year: Last year the students stuck primarily to hypertext essays with pictures; I’m hoping for a little more edgy media this time.

So far I’ve got three applications… Just 9 more to go!

And just in time, a nice write-up on Huffington Post about why Egyptian tourism is safe.

Taking field notes at the Red Sea in 2010.

Taking field notes at the Red Sea in 2010.

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