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A Bibliography of the Egyptian Uprising

May 27, 2012

For some time I’ve been collecting academic articles on the Egyptian uprising, including those that I’ve already described elsewhere on this blog, into a single bibliographic reference list.

When I started I only had a few dozen references so I didn’t publish it. Last week, I was updating it after the conference in Oxford and I discovered it had grown to more than 150 citations. So it was time to make it available as a resource: A Bibliography of the Egyptian Uprising.

Naturally it favors my own discipline of anthropology, and my topical interests in media and communication, but I’ve tried to also pay attention to political science, geography, economics, history and other disciplines. I’m not trying to include news stories and op-eds unless they take on a significance in the scholarly literature–like Malcolm Gladwell’s controversial piece in the New Yorker.

Please feel free to e-mail me references (preferably in Chicago style) at if you see something worthwhile is missing.

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