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International Studies – Second Edition

June 29, 2012

Just a quick piece of shameless self-promotion:

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the second edition of International Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Issues for both the paperback and Kindle editions.

Written by a geographer, a historian, a political scientist, and an anthropologist (me!), this textbook provides a much-needed interdisciplinary approach to international studies. Emphasizing the interconnected nature of these disciplines, the authors detail the methodologies and subject matter of each to provide a fuller understanding of the world. Applying these discipline lenses to regional chapters, the authors examine issues facing these regions and the global community. Case studies give readers a closer look at issues such as international terrorism and national identity. This disciplinary and regional combination provides an indispensable, cohesive framework for understanding global issues

The new edition includes:

  • a rewrite of the economics chapter (with me as co-author) to include the global financial crisis.
  • I also revised the Middle East chapter to discuss the Arab uprisings.
  • I made minor revisions to my essays on International Terrorism and the Veiling Controversy.
  • And I completely rewrote the conclusion to discuss how these disciplines can be integrated into a holistic model for analyzing global issues and thinking creatively about solutions.

All my colleagues have updated their chapters as well.

I am currently compiling a set of on-line teaching resources, so if you have any good ideas for creative use of web sites, video clips, animations, slideshare presentations or other resources freely available for enhancing lectures on social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, geography, history or political science) or world regions (Africa, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America or South Asia), please share them with me!

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