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Egyptian Activists Comment on Morsi’s Presidency

July 14, 2012

“So where do the youth revolutionaries stand on the election?” is perhaps the most common question I get since the presidential run-off.

The answer of course is, “It depends.” I mean, if “secular” and “democratic” all meant the same things to everybody, the secular democratic folks would have won the election. The most underreported story of the election is the fact that Sabahi Hamdin received the third largest number of votes; if the Parliamentary edict that former regime members could not run for president had been upheld by the court, the run-off election would have been Morsi versus Hamdin.

But I digress.

For people who want specific rather than general answers to that question, I refer you to an interesting round-up of opinions Views from Tahrir: Egyptian Revolutionaries’ Opinions of President Morsi published on the Fikra Forum website.

The editors asked five activists the following three questions:

  1. What are your priority issues for Morsi’s first actions in office?
  2. Do you have any fears of how Morsi and the incoming government will handle the continuing transition?
  3. What are important benchmarks (or indicators) in assessing the success of the new Egyptian government?

Although the answers are varied, one theme that clearly comes through is that these activists are far more worried about the new president cutting a deal with SCAF than they are some kind of Islamist takeover.

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