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Brown Library Guide to Arab Revolution Resources

November 18, 2012

Brown University Library Guide to Arab Spring ResourcesTo my existing list of library guides put together, or recommended, by friends and colleagues, I add this one:

The Brown University Library Guide to the Arab Spring 2011-Present by Dr. Ian Straughn, Joukowsky Family Middle East Studies Librarian at Brown University.

I add it for four reasons:

  1. It was recommended by Amahl Bishara. She’s a media anthropologist who regularly teaches one of my early papers, so she clearly recognizes good material when she sees it.
  2. It lists this blog as one of thirteen “blogs about the Arab Spring” (again, showing clear-sighted ability to direct students to excellent content)
  3. Brown is my PhD alma mater.
  4. Dr. Straughn touted it as part of a presentation on teaching about the revolution at at the American Anthropological Association meetings.
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