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“Revolutionary Egypt” Book Gets a Facebook Page

February 16, 2017

revegyptfacebookIts a book about the “Facebook revolution”, right? So it is only appropriate it finally gets its own Facebook page–concurrent with its coming out in paperback and as an e-book.

The book is Revolutionary Egypt: Connecting Domestic and International Struggles edited by Reem Abou-El-Fadl. Derived from a conference at Oxford University, it has chapters by Charles Tripp, Marie Duboc, Nicola Pratt, Mark Allen Peterson, Walter Armbrust, Alexander Kazamias, Raymond Hinnebusch, Adam Hanieh, Corinna Mullin, Kerem Öktem, Miriyam Aouragh, Anthony Alessandrini and Reem Abou-El-Fadl

Dust jacket:

In 2011 the world watched as Egyptians rose up against a dictator. Observers marveled at this sudden rupture, and honed in on the heroes of Tahrir Square. Revolutionary Egypt analyzes this tumultuous period from multiple perspectives, bringing together experts on the Middle East from disciplines as diverse as political economy, comparative politics and social anthropology.

Drawing on primary research conducted in Egypt and across the world, this book analyzes the foundations and future of Egypt’s revolution. Considering the revolution as a process, it looks back over decades of popular resistance to state practices and predicts the waves still to come. It also confidently places Egypt’s revolutionary process in its regional and international contexts, considering popular contestation of foreign policy trends as well as the reactions of external actors. It draws connections between Egyptians’ struggles against domestic despotism and their reactions to regional and international processes such as economic liberalization, Euro-American interventionism and similar struggles further afield.

Revolutionary Egypt is an essential resource for scholars and students of social movements and revolution, comparative politics, and Middle East politics, in particular Middle East foreign policy and international relations.

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