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April Timeline

1 April 2011

Declaring it “Save the Revolution” day, approximately four thousand demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square demanding that the ruling military council move faster to dismantle elements of the old regime and put Hosni Mubarak, his sons, and cronies (especially Zakaria Azmi, Safwat El-Sherif, and Ahmad Fathi Sorour).

2 April, Saturday

Sufi’s gather outside the Hussein Mosque in Cairo to protest the destruction of shrines by the salafis.

7 April, Thrusday

Zakaria Azmi the former Chief of Presidential Staff was sent to jail, to await further investigation.

8 April, Friday

Calling it the “Friday of Cleansing”, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to demand that the trials for Mubarak and his regime begin, and that SCAF move faster to fulfill the demands of the revolution.

9 April, Saturday

Egypt’s security forces shot and killed at least two protesters and wounded dozens before dawn in an attempt to disperse demonstrators spending the night in Tahrir Square.

10 April, Sunday

Hosni Mubarak issued a statement on the Al-Arabiyya network claiming that he is a victim of a campaign of false accusations and defamation.

11 April, Monday

Egyptians abroad allowed to vote.

12 April, Tuesday

Egyptian Prime Minister Sharaf issued a statement on television apologizing for Saturday’s violence and asking people to cooperate with authorities until the transition to an elected government is completed.

15 April, Friday

Hosni Mubarak was transfered to a military hospital in preparation for his trial.

Rowaia, an Egyptian peasant woman met with the Cabinet to discuss the problems of Egyptian agriculture.

16 April, Saturday

The Administrative Court ruled to disband the NDP.

23 April, Saturday

Leaders of the Wafd party announced their willingness to form an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood.

About 5000 members of popular committees from around Egypt gathered at Tahrir Square to demonstrate their support for the revolution and to push for increased civil activism in the new Egypt.

26 April, Tuesday

Egyptian PM Sharaf issued a statement describing his goal for a recovering Egyptian economy in six months.

30 April, Saturday

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry says it may open the border with Gaza in two weeks, ending the agreement with the Israeli government to support its  blockade of Gaza.

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