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Off the Wall and On to Facebook

March 13, 2011

Graffiti are part of the art of the revolution.

Another site to add to my list of digital archives of the art, photographs and texts of the revolution is the Facebook page Revolution Graffiti.

The brainchild of Egyptian Maya Gowaily the site hosts a project to archive the graffiti coming out of the revolution in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere.  Gowaily seeks to archive those of the current uprisings as an important part of the current watershed in North African history.

Graffiti images have always been central to Middle Eastern protest movements, but they are also always ephemeral. As order returns to Cairo, more and more graffiti is washed away or painted over. Gowaily urges people to submit their photos of graffiti. She also asks people not to be offended by graffiti, as the purpose is documentation not passing judgment.

Al-Ahram has featured several of Gowaily’s collection of Libyan wall art in an on-line gallery.  You can also read about her project on

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