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Documenting the Egyptian Uprising

September 9, 2011

In my blog about the Egyptian National Archives collecting documentation of the uprising, I mentioned that I could find nothing on their web site about the effort (reported in a feature story in the Guardian). Several students asked me where on the web one could find archives. I recommend the following:

This Arabic language site archives scans from hundreds of  documents seized by protesters from state security headquarters in the aftermath of Mubarak being ousted. The site’s creators have remained anonymous for their own safety. The site is designed to make sharing easy through a myriad of social media.

Center for Research Libraries Middle East and Islamic Resources

This webinar, exploring a number of resources on the Middle East, includes a section by Roberta L. Dougherty, Arabic Librarian at the University of Texas at Austin on documenting revolution.

Memory of Modern Egypt

An initiative in Arabic by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina that seeks to integrate material on the revolution from across Egypt, including the stories of martyrs, along with other materials from the 200 year history of modern Egypt. There is also a webcast of the Library’s February Conference on Youth and Change, and the July 28 address by Joseph Stiglitz on “Egypt in a Changing World.”


This is an ambitious data-mining project that draws content from Twitter and hundreds of other websites documenting not only Egypt but also in Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere, and provides tool and visualisations to help analyze it.

Tahrir Documents

Initiated in March 2011, Tahrir Documents includes scans of dozens of printed leaflets from Tahrir Square during the anti-Mubarak uprising, from religious tracts to lists of political demands. Most include complete English translation alongside scans of the original documents. The project is independent of any political organization.

University on the Square

This is a collection of revolutionary narratives, photographs, videos, artifacts and memorabilia shared by faculty, students and alumni of the American University in Cairo.

And some I’ve already blogged about:

Egypt Remembers

One of the first collections of photos and biographical notes on the martyrs of the revolution.

I am #Jan 25

A collection of videos and photos from Tahrir Square during the urpising.

I Am Tahrir

A Facebook page collecting graffiti and other graphic art of the uprising.

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