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Bibliography of the Egyptian Revolution Reaches 1000 Entries

June 4, 2018

Retro Class Reunion Facebook Event Cover PhotoYesterday I was asked to review a paper on the Egyptian uprisings for an academic journal. After I read the manuscript, I went through the references, as I always do, to see if the text referenced any articles I didn’t have in my continually updated on-line bibliography. There was one, so I dutifully copied it into my database.
And then I discovered something.
I now have over 1000 social science texts about the Egyptian uprisings and their aftermath on this web page.

I know it isn’t completely exhaustive, and new texts are being written and published all the time, so it never will be, but 1000 seems to me the kind of milestone that deserves a bit of shameless self-promotion.
And it is free and open for anyone to help them in their own writing on the topic, which in turn hopefully will eventually be published end up on the list.
Full circle.
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