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August Timeline

1 August Monday

With the main groups of protesters having left Tahrir Square, the military entered and cleared the area’s “tent city” of its hundreds of remaining protesters. Some 66 people were arrested. Tired of the continual protests many, if not most Egyptians expressed supported the military’s action.

3 August Wednesday

The first session of Mubarak’s trial, in which he and his sons were “accused of killing protesters, profiteering and squandering public funds.” Mubarak pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy with the former interior minister Habib al-Adly to kill the protesters, the approved use of live ammunition, fraud and selling ridiculously low priced gas to Israel.

Mubarak’s lawyers requested a one month delay to reinvestigate, and to have Mubarak and Adly tried separately. The lawyers representing the martyr’s families requested the death sentence. The presiding judge, Admed Reefat adjourned  the trial until the 15th of August.

6 August Saturday

Hundreds of protesters gathered and prayed in Tahrir Square, only to be attacked by the militar troops seeking to clear the square.

9 August Tuesday

Egyptian cinema icon Hind Rustom, star of more than 70 films, passed away.

14 August Sunday

Asmaa Mahfouz, one of the founders of the April 6 movement was arrested for “defaming the military” and was charged in a military court, sparking more protests against military trials of civilians.

15 August Monday

Farid al-Deeb, the head lawyer for Mubarak’s defense team demanded to see the report in which Mubarak is accused of fraud, and the reports the Ambulance Authority has on the people who were injured and died on the dates Mubarak and Adly are accused of murder. He also requested copies of of all the documents that support the prosecuter’s case, the minutes of the trial, and an adournment of the case to give the defense team time to go over the new material.

The Judge banned cameras from the Mubarak trial and ruled that the Mubarak and Adly cases will be tried together, and that they will adjourn until the fifth of September.

18 August Thursday

Israeli forces pursuing Palestinian insurgents opened fire in the direction of Egypt’s border, killing Egyptian police officers. Protests began outside the Israeli embassy in Egypt.

19 August, Friday

Prominent online activist Asmaa Mahfouz was cleared in a public statement by SCAF as a result of public pressure. Protests continued outside the Israeli embassy in Egypt.

20 August Saturday

The Israeli government issued a statement saying that it “regretted” the deaths of the police officers. Protests continued outside the Israeli embassy in Egypt.

21 August Sunday

Protests continued outside the Israeli embassy in Egypt. Saying the Israeli apology was “insufficient,” the Egyptian government announced that it would recall its ambassador to Israel.

by Jonathan Rashad via Zeinobia

A young Egyptian male, dubbed “flagman,” scaled the side of the Israeli embassy and brought down the Israeli flag and replaced it with the Egyptian flag.

22 August Monday

Egyptian film actor Kamal al-Shennawy died at 89.

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