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June Timeline

1 June, Wednesday

A group of young Egyptians gathered outside a building in Cairo where the high Military Council was meeting to protest military trials for civilians.

6 June, Monday

The one year anniversary of Khaled Said’s death. Khaled Said’s mother, Laila Marzouk, visited the gravesite of her son, and many Egyptians gathered to honor his memory.

12 June, Sunday

Mohamed ElBaradei stated in an interview that he was unsure if he will run for president because all he wants is to reform his country and not to be used as a puppet to keep the status quo.

16 June, Thursday

At Egypt’s request, Spanish authorities detained Hussein Salem, a close friend of Hosni Mubarak, on charges of money laundering.

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei gave a public address, saying that all he wanted was positive changes in Egypt for the betterment of the Egyptian people.

22 June, Wednesday

Hundreds of Egyptians protested outside the public prosecutor’s office, demanding an end to civilians are being tried in military courts.

23 June, Thursday

Several Egyptian groups demand that a constitution must be drafted before elections take place, and insist that elections scheduled for September must be pushed back, threatening a million man march if SCAF doesn’t change its schedule. However, Islamists group support the current timeline, with parliamentary elections preceding the redrafting of the  constitution. These differences of opinions have become a major political dividing line.

25 June, Saturday

Protesters in Tahrir call for the Judiciary to dismiss Mubarak era officials and policies. Pro-Mubarak supporters demonstrate in Muhammed Mahmoud street and clash with protesters.

28 June, Tuesday

Clashes occur between protesters and security forces in Tahrir Square where families of the martyrs of the January protests gathered to protest the postponing of the Habib al-Adly trial.

29 June, Wednesday

Clashes between protesters and security forces continue.

SCAF issued a statement saying that the protests were planned in order to cause chaos in Egypt and urged Egyptians to stay away.

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