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Connected in Cairo: Earlier Release Date

March 29, 2011

This book is now scheduled to ship beginning April 19th.

In my summer sprint course we always read one ethnography, along with Bowen and Early’s excellent collection of ethnographic vignettes Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East. For this year, I modestly decided to assign my own new book.

But with my desk copy of Everyday Life I also received an invoice saying that Connected in Cairo would be available April 19th.

I e-mailed Marvin, the book’s production manager at Indiana University Press, and he confirmed that the release date had been moved up almost a whole month from the date I’d originally been given. This in spite of delaying the book production for a week and a half so I could write a new preface in light of the uprisings.

What’s four weeks, you ask?  It means I get to show off my book for a couple of weeks to students and colleagues before they all leave for summer break! And it will make their break that much more meaningful because they’ll get to escape from my shameless self-promotion.

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