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New Web Documentary: The Music of Tahrir

July 9, 2012

One thing to which plenty of attention is definitely being paid since the revolution is Egyptian music. There have been dozens of articles, documentaries, and radio programs about Egyptian music since the revolution

The latest is a web documentary called “Egypt: The Music of Tahrir Square – Music that Toppled a Regime.” Each page of the web site has a piece of the documentary, and you navigate through it in places creating your own documentary by watching the clips in different order.

Some of the other recent discussions of Egyptian music I’ve blogged about include:

The 5-part, Hip Deep series on Egypt from the acclaimed public broadcasting radio series Afropop Worldwide.

On NPR Banning Eyre started a new series on Afropop with a look at Egyptian street music.

An op-ed in the New York Times by Arab American composer Mohammed Fairouz.

The documentary The Noise of Cairo.

And then there’s my own lecture “Music and the Egyptian Revolution” I gave as a guest lecture in Prof. Tom Garcia’s MUS 186 “Global Music for the iPod Generation” here at Miami, and my student Andrew Underwood’s multimedia project on “Underground Music and the Tunisian Revolution.

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